Wedding Planners

Q: Why should I hire a wedding planner?

A: Because across the nation, wedding planners are the glue that hold weddings together!

Sometimes, it just isn't possible for families to plan weddings. Fast-paced lives, careers and family members separated by cities, states or even countries often require the help of wedding professionals, namely, wedding planners. Some wedding planners (sometimes referred to as wedding organizers) may have pursued coursework to become certified, while others may have built reputations and clientele throughout years. Regardless, wedding planners fill essential roles in the concept and completion of wedding plans. Brides, grooms and families depend on them for everything from formal wear to destination honeymoons. For instance, wedding planners help organize the venue, officiant, wedding photographer and reception. And don't forget the live music, DJ or limousine service! We are absolutely delighted that wedding parties and their wedding planners utilize TheVeil.Co as premiere resource to help coordinate the celebration. Our directory of wedding professionals helps everyone find what they need, regardless of location. We cover all 50 states from coast to coast.

The Process

When researching wedding planners, don't be shy. We invite you to locate potential wedding professionals at TheVeil.Co to find the perfect match.

Ask questions. How much does a wedding planner charge (flat fee, percentage of total wedding cost)? Can they help brides and grooms structure a budget? Can they help with the technical and legal paperwork such as licenses, venue contracts, and even visas for family members overseas?. How do they handle emergencies, disruptions and last-minute items that may come up?

A Custom Wedding

No two weddings are alike, and many couples opt for unique weddings -- and even destination weddings. A wedding planner can customize the colors, theme, and vibe of any ceremony. From a custom cake to vows said in a hot-air balloon, it is the responsibility of the wedding planner to envision the big picture while coordinating the small details. Travel? Photography? Food? The success of a wedding can hinge on the most minute details. Again, it takes a professional to pull off today's modern weddings and we encourage bridges, grooms and wedding parties to investigate the many "pluses" a wedding planners provides.

Budgets and Taste Buds

So just what does a wedding planner "bring to the table?" From rehearsal dinner to wedding reception, food is a vitally important factor on any wedding planner's checklist. For instance, wedding planners can (and should) check for food allergies within the wedding party and make sure the menu discloses ingredients such as nuts, fish, etc. Many will comparison shop and take bids for food service, balancing budget with taste buds. Dream cakes, decadent desserts, hors d'œuvre, and open bars . . . all fall within the realm of the wedding organizer.

Planning the Attire

What to wear? From garters to formal wear, a wedding planner is worth her (or his) weight in gold when it comes to the couture of your wedding. Whether designer (custom-fitted), or off-the-rack, a wedding planner can help brides and grooms enhance the overall theme of the wedding. TheVeil.Co has resources online to help point you to the right wedding professionals who have your perfect wedding attire waiting!

Wedding Photography

Yes! A wedding planner can help you choose a trusted wedding photographer. You will want a photographer (and perhaps a videographer) whose instincts and techinical skills yield results you will cherish forever. Your wedding planner will be very aware of any family dynamics requiring a gentle touch (divorced parents, feuding parties) and can help navigate potentially problematic scenarios. See our wedding photography etiquette resource page for more!

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