Wedding Gown Trends 2012

Wedding Gown Trends 2012
Photographed by Joshua Jordan
Black silk georgette and silk faille V-neck halter ballgown with hand­pieced Chantilly lace appliqué and multi-layered, crushed & honey comb tulle skirt

Brave . . . beautiful . . . trending!

The style options for brides has opened up in ways our great-grandmothers never imagined. Wedding gown designs are off to a strong start with trends that flow from last year, but also mingle with a totally new and interesting 2012 collections. The offerings from imaginative designers have shocked some, inspired others, and most definitely sparked conversations from coast-to-coast and around the world. The six following bridal designs are trending strongly, some riding the wave of 2011 popularity and others debuting as brand new concepts..

Specifically, we are looking at five head-turning wedding gown trends and the designers who dare to be different. In fact, “white” and "demure" is less of a focus as brides experiment with nontraditional . . . and sometimes go darker. Enjoy this snapshot of a unique 2012.

The Witch

Black? Really? Yes, Vera Wang executes (perhaps) her most daring collection of all, this time steering polar opposite of virginal white. This collection, drawing inspiration from witches and covens, may be monumental for 2012. See our blog covering Vera Wang’s line-up of witch and coven-inspired black, nude and metallic wedding gowns on the runway and in pictures.


Maggie Sottera designs dramatic mermaid silhouette -- contoured past the hips and then heralding a flamenco and (often) fluffy trumpet. The mermaid design is often favored by brides with symmetrical, thin bodies . . . but is increasingly becoming popular with brides of all sizes. The curvaceous, completely feminine appeal of this style is undeniable and will very likely continue to be the favorite wedding gown in the foreseeable future.

Body Con

We'll continue to see conventional bodices (strapless, spaghetti straps) walking dow the aisle, as well as "body con" (form-fitting), "inside out" and "underwear as outerwear" with skirts and trains added to corsets for an alusion to lingerie. Contemporary and alternative wedding gowns continue to trend as designers such as Michelle Roth work their magic.

Haute Couture

Elie Saab's haute couture is available in France and Lebanon, but we had to share his full fashion show as inspiration to brides who enjoy the elegance of vintage Old Hollywood. There's also a glamourous grecian feel, some whimsy, and a 2012 collection that is an iconic mix of color, texture, flow and length.


A departure from monochromatic -- Angel Sanchez adds bright splashes of color to a bridal gown. Vera Wang goes green. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color - from pops to full saturation, the color combines interest, unconventional charm, independence, and just a bit of attitude.


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