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Because I was a wedding photographer for well over a decade, I have partnered and advertised with most of the well known wedding planning directories. I saw that they each had specific downfalls where wedding professionals are concerned. For example, on some wedding directories, advertisements just seem to get lost among pages and pages of listings. This seems to be a big problem with some of the more popular websites where wedding professionals are paying a premium for advertising. So armed with my experience and knowledge of these wedding planning resources, I decided to do things a little differently.

First, TheVeil.Co is a LUXURY wedding resource, so we cater to high end brides who are willing to pay more for the services of high end wedding professionals. Having been in so many directories myself, I noticed that most of the resources seem to cater to brides on a budget, which doesn't translate well for wedding vendors who have been in business longer and likewise charge more for their high end services. I want our wedding professionals to be sought out by couples who realize what your services are truly worth, and we will be blogging a good deal in the future about "getting what you pay for", and the investment involved in working with true professionals in the wedding industry.

Second, on most of the sites where I advertised, I noticed my listing would literally get lost among hundreds of other wedding photographers. Our top 3 listing categories (Exclusive listings on the local city pages, Spotlight listings on the category pages, and Preferred listings on the category pages) are all limited in the number of wedding professionals we will feature in those positions. The Exclusive and Spotlight listings will only feature 10 wedding professionals each. This will insure that those wedding vendors who are willing to invest a little more in their company, will be putting their wedding business in front of all the brides who visit TheVeil.Co in their city.

Finally, we are committed to donating a portion of all proceeds from the site to both local and national charitable and non-profit organizations. When my business partner and I decided to found this luxury wedding resource, we did it with the desire and commitment to help those in need. It's important to us to give back to the community and those who are less fortunate. Knowing people who work in the wedding industry as I do, I strongly believe this is something that is important to all of us.

Angela Fuller
CEO/Co-Founder, TheVeil.Co

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